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JULY 23, 2019
Haverhill House Publishing

Jennifer Strange is cursed with the ability to give ghosts and demons a corporeal body with just the touch of her hand. All she wants is to learn how to control her new gift. Instead, her father drops her in the care of her older sister Liz, leaving only his journal as explanation.


Jennifer and Liz haven’t spoken to each other since their mother died, but when the supernatural residents of Savannah, Georgia find Jennifer and her powerful gift, the sisters must learn to trust each other again and uncover the truth about their parents. If they can’t sort out their differences, they’ll not only destroy the veil between the living and the dead but fall into the hands of a rival family who wants to claim the Sparrow power for themselves.


Part comic. Part journal. Part novel. Jennifer Strange is a wild ride unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Cat is a writer, designer, and illustrator. When she's not writing and illustrating books of her own, she works in publishing as a freelance designer and illustrator, best known for her world maps in LABYRINTH LOST and WINTERSPELL. Her first book, Jennifer Strange, is out on July 23, 2019. She lives outside Boston with her husband and children and very fluffy cat.

You can follow Cat on Twitter or Instagram at @CatMScully or visit her website at www.catherinescully.com


 Extended Biography 

Cat Scully is an author, published illustrator, and designer. After ten years spent as a graphic designer, she began working in the publishing industry as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer starting with her first world map commission on Claire Legrand's Winterspell in 2013. Her first book, young adult horror Jennifer Strange, releases July 23, 2019 and is part comic and part novel.


Since her first map commission, she's worked on book interiors and book campaigns for clients with Penguin Random House, Scholastic, Disney, Macmillan, Knopf, Simon and Schuster, and Sourcebooks. This lead to her position in marketing and graphic design with Haverhill House Publishing.

Originally from the south, Cat now lives outside of Boston with her husband, two children, and extremely fluffy cat. When she's not helping market books, she's either studying for her graduate degree in design, playing Bioshock one more time, reading Hellboy, or watching Evil Dead.

You can follow Cat on Twitter at @CatMScully or visit her website at www.catherinescully.com



"Devilishly paced and drenched in Gothic atmosphere, JENNIFER STRANGE is a wild, spine-tingling ride." - 

- Claire Legrand, New York Times-bestselling author of Furyborn and Sawkill Girls

"Creepy southern Gothic horror, full of ghosts, magic, dreadful family secrets, and missing kids, all stewed in the sultry swelter of haunted Savannah, Georgia. JENNIFER STRANGE ticks all the boxes for me, and Scully weaves it all together beautifully. A great debut!"

"Jennifer Strange comes on like a freight train filled with the screaming corpses of a thousand nightmares, fast paced and unrelenting. I didn't like it, I loved it. It's nice to see someone who remembers that horror should be scary! Cat Scully doesn't just tell a good tale, she drags you into her world and shoves you into the dark places where the monsters hide. A phenomenal first book!" 

- James A. Moore, author of the Seven Forges Series and The Last Sacrifice. 

- Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author of ARARAT

“Cat Scully's debut, JENNIFER STRANGE, wastes no space showing you exactly what you're in for. The first time I started this novel, my reaction was, "THIS is a YA book?!" HELL yeah, it is. But it ain't just kids' stuff. Scully doesn't pander or soft pedal a story about young people facing their demons. She's written a mature, compelling horror story with heart and real scares straight from jump. Take note of Scully's name, folks. She's here to raise Hell, in a really good way. JENNIFER STRANGE is proof of that.”

- Bracken MacLeod, Bram Stoker and Shirley Jackson Award-nominated author of Mountain Home and Closing Costs