Boskone Schedule!

This is my first year attending Boskone in Boston on Feb 15-17,

and my first time leading an illustration workshop, which will be taking place on Sunday!

Here is my final schedule! Come say hi!

The Art of Drawing Aliens

Format: Panel

16 Feb 2019, Saturday 14:00 - 14:50, Marina 1 (Westin)

Imagining and drawing wonderfully weird aliens ... what works? What about drawing aliens by design, using instructions from others such as an excerpt from a novel?

Frank Wu (, Christopher Paniccia (Gridiron Publishing) (, Jim Burns (, Cat Scully (Haverhill House Publishing) (M) (, Bob Eggleton (

Drawing to Order (and Editing Art)

Format: Panel

16 Feb 2019, Saturday 16:00 - 16:50, Marina 2 (Westin)

Professional artists tell tales of the perils of working when the call they're responding to is from the art director instead of the muse. Artists receive concepts from the client, and get to work. At what point does the artist bring the product back to the client for "edits"? Is this even the right term? How far into the creative process can you go before changes are no longer productive? When does an artist go back to the drawing board?

Reiko Murakami (, Bob Eggleton (, Cat Scully (Haverhill House Publishing) (M) (, Jonathan Hunt (

Autographing: Theodora Goss, D.B. Jackson, Cindy Pon, Cat Scully

Format: Autographing

16 Feb 2019, Saturday 17:00 - 17:50, Galleria - Autographing (Westin)

David B. Coe/ D.B. Jackson (, Cindy Pon (, Cat Scully (Haverhill House Publishing) (, Theodora Goss (

Horror Character Design

Format: Panel

17 Feb 2019, Sunday 10:00 - 10:50, Marina 2 (Westin)

Horror artists have the uncanny ability to inspire us with their frightful, delightful creations. What goes into visually representing a spine-chilling prose character? What do viewers look for? What works and what doesn’t? Why are we drawn to (and haunted by) these eerie images? And which creepy characters do we love and fear the most?

Cat Scully (Haverhill House Publishing) (, Reiko Murakami (, Grady Hendrix (M) (, Jonathan Hunt (, Frank Wu (

Drawing Magical Creatures

Format: Children - DragonsLair

17 Feb 2019, Sunday 11:00 - 11:50, Galleria - Dragonslair (Westin)

Boskone kids learn the art of drawing amazing magical creatures with artist Cat Scully.

Cat Scully (Haverhill House Publishing) (M) (, Persis Thorndike (Westat) (

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